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Ana Jewit

Sydney Johnson holds valentines that were written by a couple of her hundreds of admirers.

Sydney Johnson

Knight Errant: What’s your best quality?

Sydney Johnson: Uh…I guess I’m funny.

KE: What would make you a good girlfriend?

SJ: I’m an inexpensive date and I can bake super well.

KE: Favorite rom-com?

SJ: Has to be The Proposal.

I know it’s 19, but I’ll say 21.”

— Sydney Johnson

KE: Who’s your BSM crush?

SJ: I have to go with Peyton Melin.

KE: Ideal date?

SJ: Just watch a movie hanging out, something at home.

KE: What’s your pet peeve?

SJ: Loud eaters and chewing noises.

KE: What song relates best to your love life?

SJ: Oh gosh, I don’t know, probably Drake or something deep.

KE: What Disney princess are you most similar to?

SJ: I gotta say Ariel because of my hair.

KE: Who is your senior crush?

SJ:  Peyton Melin, again.

KE: What is the most important quality in a possible S.O.?

SJ: They have to be funny and somewhat smart.

KE: What’s 9 + 10?

SJ: I know it’s 19, but I’ll say 21.

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