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Anna Jewett

Junior Remy Tremblay is available and French. Need we say more?

Remy Tremblay

Knight Errant: What’s your best quality?

Remy Tremblay: My willingness to help others.

KE: Favorite rom-com?

RT: I’ve never watched one.

KE: Who’s your BSM guy crush?

RT: Chuck Kraemer.

KE: Ideal date?

RT: What a stupid question. Go to dinner, pretty simple.

KE: What’s your pet peeve?

RT: Over self-confidence, or people who show off too much during class.

KE: What song relates best to your love life?

RT: Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons’ “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.”

KE: What Disney princess are you most similar to?

RT: Belle, because she’s French and smart.

KE: Who is your senior crush?

RT: Josie Ross.

KE: What is most important in a possible S.O.?

RT: Someone who get off their phone. Someone who is willing to hang outside.

KE: What’s 9 + 10?

RT: 29. I know it’s 19, but it’s funny.

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