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Anna Jewett

Sophomore Matt McGonigle would love to watch High School Musical with a date this Valentine’s Day.

Matt McGonigle

Knight Errant: What’s your best quality?

Matt McGonigle: I’m super humble, a great teammate, and just a genuinely nice fellow.

KE: What would make you a good boyfriend?

MM: I’m very respectful, I would spend time with them, take them on cool dates, and I would laugh at their jokes even if they aren’t funny. Actually, I wouldn’t laugh if they aren’t funny.

KE: Favorite Rom-Com?

MM: This might not actually be a Rom-Com, but High-School Musical is top notch! It’s just a solid movie with a great storyline. So many notable songs!

KE: Who is your BSM crush?

MM: Madison Semler.

KE: What is your ideal date?

MM: Going out to eat and doing something fun afterward.

KE: What is your biggest pet peeve?

MM: Slow drivers make me really angry.

KE: What song best relates to your love life?

MM: Bruno Mars, “When I Was Your Man.”

KE: What Disney prince are you?

MM: Aladdin.

KE: What is the most important quality in a significant other?

MM: Personality.

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