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Anna Jewett

Junior Julia Duda is indeed single and ready to mingle.

Julia Duda

Knight Errant: What’s your best quality?

Julia Duda: My driving abilities.

KE: What would make you a good boyfriend/girlfriend?

JD: What wouldn’t make me a good girlfriend?

KE: Favorite rom-com?

JD: Can I put 50 Shades of Gray as an option?

KE: Who’s your BSM crush?

JD: Michael Kruckow and also Lucas Latterell’s voice.

KE: Ideal date?

JD: A night out on the town.

KE: What’s your pet peeve?

JD: People who can’t take sarcasm and people who don’t like adventures.

KE: What song relates best to your love life?

JD: G-Eazy’s “Me Myself and I.”

KE: What Disney princess are you most similar to?

JD: Sleeping Beauty, duh.  All I do is sleep. I go down for a nap at 4 p.m. after school and I’ll wake up at 11 pm.

KE: Who is your freshman crush?

JD: Ronan Brew because he’s a speech God.

KE: What is most important in a possible S.O.?

JD: They have to make me laugh, and not be cheesy.

KE: What’s 9 + 10? 

JD: Stop. I can’t.

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