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Anna Jewett

Senior Alma Godinez is the full package—bilingual, Kanye fan, and hates Taco Bell.

Alma Godinez

Knight Errant: What’s your best quality?

Alma Godinez: I’m bilingual and Mexican. Plus I’m Alma, so why not, right?

KE: Do you have a favorite rom-com?

AG: “The Notebook”?

KE: Do you have a BSM crush?

AG: Kanye?

KE: So, what’s your ideal date?

AG: I would want something fun like going to an amusement park and then getting some good, authentic Mexican tacos? Not Taco Bell.

KE: What’s your pet peeve?

AG: Slow-drivers…and when people don’t talk—that’s just boring.

KE: What Disney princess are you most similar to?

AG: Pocahontas.

KE: Who is your freshman crush?

AG: Kameron Brisco.

KE: What is most important in a possible S.O.?

AG: Bright personality and a heck of a good smile.

KE: What’s 9 +10?

AG: It’s 19.

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