Drawing and Painting

February 12, 2017

Drawing and Painting, while not new to BSM, will now be combined into one class, offering new flexibility to a class that once combined multiple levels of art skill into one. “What happened is a lot of art classes are taught with multiple levels in each room. Last year, [art teachers Ms. Nan Onkka and Ms. Leah Klister] tried teaching all the Painting and Drawing classes together, actually six different levels in the same class, which was kind of crazy,” art department chair Ms. Kelli Rahn said.

Moving forward, these classes will be combined so that Painting and Drawing students can move up the levels with other students of their own skill level. “What we’re doing, going forward, is merging painting and drawing. Students who sign up for that will be signing up for a little bit of both mediums, rather than one,” Rahn said.

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