“Blair Witch” doesn’t live up to the original thriller

Using realistic scenes, shaky cameras, and a blurring plot, “Blair Witch” was just as confusing as it was a nail-biting thriller. Although some parts of the movie didn’t seem to fit in or were hard to follow, the movie really had potential to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

“Blair Witch,” the sequel to “The Blair Witch Project” tells the story of James, who is investigating the disappearance of his sister, Heather. Two strangers named Lane and Talia give James a tape from his sister from before she disappeared, so he and his friends Peter, Ashley, and Lisa decide to head into the woods where Heather was last seen. They are accompanied by Lane and Talia, who refuse to tell James where they found the tape without accompanying the group to the spot.

If the more confusing parts of the movie were cleared up, this movie could be a much more terrifying film.

— Aspen Konowalchuk

The original group of four is hesitant to include the two new people, but don’t seem to have a choice if they hope to find location where Heather went missing. As they venture through the woods, creepy things begin to happen to the main characters, and continual hints suggest that Lane and Talia are somehow involved in the disappearance of Heather, further providing tension to the movie.

“Blair Witch” continues the filming style of its predecessor by having the movie be filmed as if the characters are holding video cameras as they go on their adventure. This way of presenting the movie made the experience more personal, frightening, and believable, which magnified the intensity of the movie.

The plot of “Blair Witch” was confusing, and left the viewer thinking that all of their questions from both this movie and its predecessor would be answered at the end of the movie. However, this didn’t happen; the ending of the movie was just as mystifying, leaving the audience unsatisfied.

Overall, this movie was poorly done. If the more confusing parts of the movie were cleared up, this movie could be a much more terrifying film.