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Morgan Williams

Mr. Wichser

Senior high engineering teacher Mr. Paul Wichser may be new to teaching, but he’s excited to work with students and help them learn about his eld. After high school, Wichser worked for design and development companies before deciding to go back to school and become a teacher. He came to BSM for teaching because he likes the space and nds the combination of a college prep program with an emphasis on service to be a good fit.

He especially finds important how the engineering program focuses on failure and teaches students how to learn from their mistakes and not do everything perfectly on the first try along with following the interactive design process. Wichser also likes how the parents and students are invested in the school with Knight School and participation in extracurricular activities.

In his free time, Wichser enjoys all sorts of dancing, especially square dancing, and his favorite TV show is Star Trek. To contribute to the BSM community, Wichser wants to put more emphasis on combining engineering with service and art. “I’d like to help students do engineering for underserved communities. I’d also like to somehow combine engineering and art,” Wischer said.

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