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Seniors from the class of 2016 celebrate at the homecoming pep fest.

Pep Fests

September 29, 2016

Contrary to what one might assume, the homecoming dance does not mark the culmination of this festive week. On Saturday, everyone dons fancy clothes and gathers with their friends to take pictures and dance together. However, the climax of the week comes the day before – the pep fest. The challenge for the student council as they plan this annual assembly is to keep it fresh in order to maximize school spirit, or to maximize pandemonium. “Supporting your grade, coming together, and, honestly, being as loud as you can, are all huge parts of the pep fest,” senior class president Mark Racchini said.

Perhaps the most important part of any pep fest is the M.C. The M.C., or M.C.s,  are responsible for hyping up the crowd and that is no small task. Peter McCague, class of 2016 and bona fide hype man, has some advice for M.C.s of future generations: “They need to do something different, and borderline outrageous, that can capture people and actually get their attention,” McCague said.

The pep fest is the epitome of school spirit, so don’t be afraid to go all out. “It is important to love the school you go to and show that love off,” McCague said. Show off your love at the pep fest. Cheer your hearts out, and scream your lungs out. In the end, having school spirit is more important than feeling a little silly.

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