Katie Ercolani

Junior Spencer Becker dressed up as the Joker for a school spirit day.

Dress Up Days

September 29, 2016

Every homecoming week, the halls of BSM flood with students from every grade who adorn increasingly ridiculous outfits in the name of school spirit. The extra flair of dress up days adds to the growing excitement surrounding homecoming. Without fail, seniors go all out, dressing up in the most ridiculous, inconvenient outfits all in the name of school spirit. The upper classmen signal in no uncertain terms that they love BSM enough to drag around a cape and don a fake beard for all of their classes. The freshmen observe these ridiculous seniors, and suddenly school isn’t a complete bore anymore. “Getting people excited about their four years of high school is important,” senior class president Mark Racchini said.

Student Council dedicates itself to creating an atmosphere of excitement using school spirit, especially for the freshmen. “You learn as a freshman that you can show up to school every day and be bummed about it or you can get involved,” Racchini said. Convincing freshmen that school can be exciting—or at least a bit unexpected—can make or break their high school experience. Dress up days are just one of the ways Student Council helps spice up the school day during homecoming week.

Homecoming week also unifies the grades. Whether the freshmen beat the seniors at powder puff, or the senior girls decorate colorful overalls, homecoming week highlights the solidarity within each grade. “When everyone is wearing the same color shirts and are surrounded in their class decorations, you feel a part of your grade,” Racchini said.

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