Girls lacrosse looks to rebound after rocky start


Ruby Strommen

Girls’ lacrosse players practice in the beautiful weather to try to get back to .500.

This spring, the girl’s lacrosse team is facing some changes to both their teams and the coaching staff. However, the players are optimistic that even though they have lost some major point scorers, the team will be successful again this season.  This season, a new assistant coach and junior high coach will be introduced to the program, and the players are very excited.  “I haven’t met her yet so I am excited to see what she is like,” senior Aleksa Tataryn said.

The loss of seniors from last year’s team may seem intimidating for this year’s varsity team, but current players aren’t so concerned.  “We lost at least seven seniors who were all very skilled, but there are a lot of players who have improved and could fill those spots on varsity,” sophomore Lillian Galvin said.

When asked about if injuries would impact this year’s team, but Galvin assured that it shouldn’t be an issue. “I have not seen any girls who are injured and won’t be able to play, but I have noticed there are girls who weren’t able to play last year due to injuries who will be able to play this year,” Galvin said.

Both players were excited about the amount of new players trying out this year.  Tataryn mentioned that a lot of junior high girls have been seen playing wall ball in the mornings.  “There were a lot of girls at the spring sports meeting, there are a lot of freshmen going out for the sport which is a very exciting thing to see.  It shows how rapidly this sport is growing,” Galvin said.

This upcoming season is looking bright for the girls’ lacrosse teams, and both Tataryn and Galvin expressed how excited they were about this spring.  “I am very excited for this season to start!  I hope that we can keep on improving and building on the reputation that we have had in past years,” Galvin said.

“I am very excited for the season to start since I had to sit out basically the entire regular season last year due to a knee injury.  I think our team has a good chance of making it to state if we beat Blake!  I also think the boys lacrosse team has a good chance at state which would be super cool,” Tataryn said.