Dance Team takes 2nd in Jazz, 5th in Kick at State


Collins Jones

The Dance Team is a perennial contender in Jazz but also moved up to 5th in the State in Kick.

The BSM Dance Team capped off their season at the Target Center where they placed 2nd in jazz and 5th in kick. This is remarkable, considering they usually aren’t a contender in state for kick but this year they worked hard and made it up to 5th.  

The work ethic this year was something that the seniors really admired entering state.  “Making it to state didn’t really impact the team as far as confidence goes but rather motivated a lot of girls to work that much harder,” said senior Bailey Adams.

The Knightettes did not know what to expect heading into state, but confidence and hard work rewarded them.  “We completely scratched the dance we had been working on all year two weeks before sections so before state we had only gotten scored on it once,” Adams said.

Considering that the girls had such little time to practice their routine, it is remarkable knowing the outcome of their journey.  “We are known as one of the top two teams in our section, so after officially making it to state it made it more real for the team and I think [that] really motivated some girls to work that much harder,” said Bailey.

As many know, chemistry within a team really brings everyone together to succeed and excel. Each year, chemistry must be rebuilt as seniors graduate and new leaders emerge. “After losing many varsity seniors last year our team this year really had to focus on connecting with all the rookies.  However, I think we overall ended up re-creating the chemistry we have had in years past and were able to have a stellar performances,” said Adams.

The BSM Dance Team has won state in jazz two years in a row.  Entering into this season there was a lot of pressure to stay at the top.  “It’s a lot of pressure after winning two years in a row to do something different than years past but still be able to execute it well.  I also think it’s quite impressive that not only our dance was four weeks old but that it was half the girls on our team first time ever competing at the jazz state tournament,” said Bailey Adams.

Even though the team did not win state, the attitudes toward the end of the season could not be better.  “Obviously another state championship would’ve been nice, but I could not be prouder of everything my team brought to the floor this weekend,” Bailey Adams said.

Adams recognizes how special this season was for her and the other seniors, especially when reflecting on some of the challenges of the last four years. “When I first joined the team freshman year it was clear that we weren’t a kick team.  We excelled in jazz and wouldn’t make it to state for kick. However, throughout my four years this has changed and now we are fifth in the state. I’m also very proud of our second place in jazz.  Considering all the obstacles we had to climb this year, second place has never felt so good,” Adams said.

The season may be over, but the Knightette’s have a relationship that is never-ending. “A big part of me is sad because I know there will never be anything comparable to being on a team like this. The feeling I get when I dance with my teammates is truly indescribable and will never be beat. DT4L [Dance Team For Life],” Adams said.