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Photo Courtesy of Bae Tigre

Bae Tigre

It’s a tough world in the ambient dream-pop niche of the indie music industry. Artists such as Beach House and Real Estate generally seem to satisfy most listeners’ dream-pop needs. Despite this, local artist Bae Tigre stands out with her latest record, “Perennial Bygones,” whose tracks resemble an upbeat Cocteau Twins with a Lana Del Rey-like vocalist.

A member of the local creative collective, Polkadot Mayhem, Bae Tigre has been playing piano and violin since the age of 5, and has serious stage fright as she stated in an interview with City Pages; she’s prone to “freaking out at shows.” Any sort of lack of confidence on stage is certainly not present in her recordings, which sound remarkably grounded and well-crafted.

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