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Bella Szarzynski

Johnson has yet to find his Valentine. Who will be the lucky gal?

Malachi Johnson

KE: What makes you an eligible bachelor?

MJ: I honestly don’t know. I’ve got chop game.

KE: What is your ideal date?

MJ: Going to a park. Have a nice little picnic with a basketball hoop and a playground.

KE: So you can show off?

MJ: Yes.

KE: Have you ever thought you might be alone forever?

MJ: Uh, yes.

KE: Why?

MJ: I don’t know. I just think of random things. I think about it sometimes, but I know it’s never going to happen because I’m kind of sexy.

KE: Do you think you’d be a good boyfriend?

MJ: Yes. Take note.

KE: What are your hobbies?

MJ: Uh, football, video games…

KE: Not basketball? You’re wearing a basketball outfit right now.

MJ: I hate basketball. My mom makes me play. All my brothers played it, so now they’re all like: “You gotta do it too.” I’m like, “No, I hate it.”

KE: What’s your favorite pickup line?

MJ: Wait, let me think about this one. I don’t really have one. Maybe “whattup, baddie?” Or… maybe Tennessee-Ten-I-See or Did You Fall from Heaven? Those ones.

KE: What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

MJ: I don’t know yet. I’m still thinking. I still have to find my Valentine.

KE: Who is your current BSM crush?

MJ: Sophie Roux. Is that going to be in the newspaper?

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