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Bella Szarzynski

You’d better pick up a pair of Jordans if you want a chance with Battle.

Jamison Battle

Knight Errant: What makes you an eligible bachelor?

Jamison Battle: I’m the best looking guy in 9th grade. And because I’m a nice guy.

KE: Ideal date?

JB: Going to a basketball game or a movie.

KE: Have you ever thought you might be alone forever?

JB: No, I feel like I’m an outgoing guy, and I just don’t really see myself alone.

KE: What are your hobbies?

JB: Sports (basketball and football) and eating.

KE: Favorite rom-com?

JB: Bridesmaids.

KE: Favorite pickup line?

JB: I don’t need one.

KE: What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

JB: Watch the NBA All Star Game.

KE: What are your thoughts on PDA?

JB: Depends who it’s with.

KE: What do you look for in a significant other?

JB: Girl who wears a nice pair of shoes, like Jordans. Actually, someone who is kind and considerate.

KE: Who is your current BSM crush?

JB: That’s confidential.

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