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Photo courtesy of Emily Quealy

Emily Quealy’s Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula is tame enough to spend time just hanging out on her bed.


Deciding what kind of pet to get can be very difficult, but it was not for junior Emily Quealy; she knew that she wanted to get a Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula. She was attracted by this type of pet because it doesn’t require special attention that other housepets need. Quealy has had her tarantula, Alaska Satan, for two years now and is very glad that she decided to get this unique breed of pet. “This pet type is convenient for someone like me, who doesn’t have too much time to care of a pet. She is low maintenance. She can even go for a few months without eating,” Quealy said.

One of Quealy’s favorite memories with her tarantula was when it first molted. Tarantulas, similar to snake or other invertebrates, molt their exoskeleton once a year. Quealy kept the outer shell for awhile, but it eventually disintegrated and crumbled. “Half a year ago, when I first got her, she molted. That was pretty cool,” Quealy said.

Quealy’s tarantula spends most of its time lying on its back and grooming itself. Quealy likes to take her pet out of her cage and have it walk around her bed. “Usually I’ll just be lying on my bed or taking a nap, and she will stay there,” Quealy said.

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