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Keenan Schember

Sam Fulco, Math

Knight Errant: Where were you before you came to BSM?
Sage Fulco: I originally came from Benilde-St. Margaret’s. I graduated in 2006.

KE: What is your teaching background?
SF: I ran my own personal tutoring service for many years. It helped pay for college, and afterwards, I just kept doing it. I’ve worked with students from all over the Metro area.

KE: What specific classes will you teach this year?
SF: I’m teaching regular Advanced Algebra and PreCalc.

KE: Why do you enjoy teaching?
SF: This is my first year teaching a full classroom, so I’m new at it all, and I’m really excited to have a challenge beyond just one-on-one with students. It’ll be fun.

KE: What aspect of teaching appeals most to you?
SF: I guess it’s definitely a big challenge to communicate information to a large group of people so that it all makes sense to everybody, for the most part. I just think it’s a great challenge for me to see what I can do as an educator because it’s totally different than working one-on-one. It’s totally different from knowing the information yourself. So I’m really excited to see where I can improve those skills for myself.

KE: How will you contribute to the BSM community?
SF: I’m really passionate about the school. I think it’s a great place for everyone to get a great education and the community is just great. I’m hoping to contribute to that because I came from here and I know the area and know the building and school really well. I’m really hoping, because I always felt the math department was so strong at this school, to add to that even more.

KE: What do you look forward to in the new year?
SF: Just meeting all the students, getting to know them all really well, and helping them on their journey.

KE: What is your favorite TV show?
SF: I really like Parks and Rec and The Office.

SF: Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, or Beyoncé?
KE: I don’t know any of them. No, I suppose I know Beyoncé. Beyoncé.

KE: Cats or Dogs?
SF: Both.

KE: Favorite childhood memory?
SF: That’s a tough one. I have no idea. I’d have to say it was probably when I first got my boating license, and I could take a boat out by myself. I must have been thirteen years old, and I just tooled around for fun. That’s probably my favorite.

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