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Keenan Schember

Charlie Keyes, Theology and Campus Minister

Knight Errant: What is your teaching background?
Charlie Keyes: When I was in college I studied Theology. I did a little bit of Education Studies as well. I enjoyed it, but eventually I decided I just wanted to continue with Theology. I didn’t student teach, and then last year, I was working for a ministry. Before that, I’d been working with young adults [to] put on retreats. But that’s it, I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing, but we’re going to figure out along the way.

KE: What brought you to be a teacher?
CK: I think that especially with teaching Theology, my Catholic faith is very important to me, and after my real conversion I’ve believed that it’s something that’s brought me a lot of joy. It’s something that I want to bring to other people, especially young adults and high schoolers. It’s something that I’m passionate about. This is something that I hope I have a skill for, so if I can do it this way, why not?

KE: Why do you enjoy teaching?
CK: I haven’t done it before, just a little bit of experience in tutoring, but I never student taught or anything. I just love interacting with young people, I have a lot of fun with it, I love getting to know people, and trying to impart things I’ve learned onto them, and learning from them also.

KE: What do you think you’ll enjoy most about teaching?
CK: I think I’m going to enjoy the relationships that I’m going to be able to build with people.

KE: What do you think you’ll be like in the classroom when you eventually get to teaching?
CK: I hope I’ m going to be fun.

KE: What should the freshman be preparing for in your class?
CK: I hope that I’ll be able to make a subject that often times isn’t that interesting to people, a little bit more interesting, a little bit more fun.

KE: How will you contribute to the BSM community?
CK: I have a lot of [experience with] Lasallian, Christian Brothers, and the Sisters of Saint Joseph. I think that that’s going to be really good for me, and something I’m going to be able to help hone in on. I think coming from different backgrounds as well, for example I was with Net Ministries before this, so just a little bit different philosophy but all under the umbrella of Catholic theology. Just a new spin on that stuff, but it’s still Lasallian and still with the Sisters of Saint Joseph.

KE: What do you look forward to in the new year?
CK: I’m really looking forward to the first day, especially orientation and seeing as the freshman come through, and getting to know them, getting to meet them for five minutes at a time. So that, and I’m excited for a change in pace. I’ve never taught before and I know it’s going to be a challenge because that’s what I’ve heard about teaching; the first year is really hard. But I’m excited for that challenge and to get into a routine with it.

KE: What is your favorite TV show?
CK: The Simpsons.

KE: Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, or Beyoncé?
CK: Beyoncé, obviously.

KE: Cats or Dogs?
CK: Dogs.

KE: Favorite childhood memory?
CK: Do you know who Raffi is? When I was really young, like maybe three or four, I got this little guitar and I’d sit literally all day and watch a Raffi concert that we had on tape and just play and sing along with it. I’ve been playing since I was about six years old.

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