Rachel Jungmann: Painting

May 27, 2015


Kendel Malcolm

Rachel Jungmann’s painting of Cinderella displayed at the BSM Art Fair.

Knight Errant: How long have you been painting?
Rachel Jungmann: Three years


KE: Why did you start/what got you into this type of art?
RJ: I was doing drawing at the same time but I wanted to try something new. I prefer painting because you can create the images yourself instead of using a picture.

KE: What inspires you?
RJ: I like doing things based off of fairy tales and exploring those images and changing them.

KE: Is art a hobby or more to you?
RJ: It’s a form of expression—it’s more than a hobby; it’s how I express myself, it relieves stress. It’s one of the few parts of my day that doesn’t stress me out.

KE: What’s your favorite piece you’ve made?
RJ: My recent favorite piece is a Cinderella one with a giant fabric skirt. It was really detailed and I really enjoyed the big poofy skirt and painting her shoes all crystally. I used a bunch of different techniques that I have been developing.

KE: What are you working on right now?
RJ: I’m doing a geometric piece because I really enjoyed doing the glass slipper on the last one and wanted to explore that technique.

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