Nick Gionet: Drawing

May 27, 2015


Meghan Ortizcazarin

Nick Gionet's detailed drawing displayed in the BSM Art Fair.

Knight Errant: What kind of art do you make?
Nick Gionet: Realism is my main area of focus, but I like to do metamorphosis too: things that start as one thing but change to another.

KE: How long have you been drawing?
NG: I grew an interest in drawing in second grade but I started realism and metamorphosis in about seventh or eighth grade.

KE: Why did you start drawing?
NG: My mom and brother are super creative, and I really like to draw as well; they got me into it.

KE: What inspires you?
NG: I like to look at what other people do, especially at BSM,  then I put my own twist on what has already been done. It has to be specific to me, though.

KE: Is art a hobby or more to you?
NG: It is more because I am trying to get a scholarship for college, and it has become gradually more important to me over the years.

KE: What’s your favorite piece you’ve made?
NG: It is a picture of Marilyn Monroe and half of the face is a skeleton, it is super dark and mysterious.

KE: What are you working on right now?
NG: Right now, I am currently doing a piece of a zebra. Half of it is a zebra and half is like a cyborg bionic body.

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