Lilly Johnson: Clay

May 27, 2015


Meghan Ortizcazarin

Just one of the many tea pots Lilly Johnson created for her concentration.

Knight Errant: How long have you been working with clay?
Lilly Johnson: I’ve done clay for three years, but I suppose my concentration is warping the traditional teapot into something more abstract and modern.So right now, and for the past year, I have only been making teapots.

KE: What inspires you?
LJ: Other artists, but most of the time I just wing it; if I make something I like, I can or it feels right.

KE: Is art a hobby or more to you?
LJ: I draw a lot and doodle a lot, so I guess that is more of a hobby; but with clay I’m more invested in it and now am more about trying to see what I can do and what I can manipulate and create and such, now that I’ve mastered the basics.

KE: What’s your favorite piece you’ve made?
LJ: My favorite clay piece is the one I just made that is three feet tall, but I haven’t glazed it yet so I don’t know how it will turn out, but I’m excited about it. Again, I also just love any teapot piece. There are so many opportunities and possibilities to decide on with that one.

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