May 21, 2015


When I finally left the junior high and became an official high schooler at BSM, I was ecstatic. I finally felt like I was grown up, like I was finally an adult––something every young kid wants more than anything. But now, looking back, I wasn’t. I was just an annoying freshman who thought he was. That’s the beauty of high school: you enter a child, and you exit an adult.

I feel about a hundred times more mature now than I know I was then, and I have nothing but my experience in school to thank for that. From being held accountable for all my actions in the classroom, to my responsibilities for National Honors Society, to the responsibilities I had as an athlete and a member of the Mock Trial team, I learned how to act responsibly and maturely.

I didn’t just grow up; however, I grew out. Besides simply learning how to act like an adult, I learned how to be a well-rounded person. My athletic skills and my social skills grew considerably, and I can confidently say that I am now much more capable of speaking with someone in authority than I was when I was nothing more than a nervous 14-year-old freshman.

So, my advice would be this: make sure you take every opportunity you can while you’re still in high school. College will be for planning your life, and––before you get there—you need to know how to act like an adult. So even though you don’t like it, make sure you turn in homework on time, you show up to every practice promptly, you speak with your teachers and peers, so that you can grow up during your time here.

P.S. If you hear about a new Taher dish (breakfast pizza, the omelette bar, etc.) that’s being served, get down to the Commons––the food will be gone real quick.

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