Men’s Watches

Daniel Wellington

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Daniel Wellington watches prove to be popular at BSM.

Molly Flannery
UK based Daniel Wellington has been producing preppy minimalist watches since 2011. Wellington came up with the idea to produce and sell minimalist watches on old NATO leather straps by using his grandfather’s old bands from the British Navy and placing them on his own watches. These watches feature a simple design with a small sleek face. Daniel Wellington watches also all have interchangeable straps which increase their versatility and make them perfect for every occasion. Offering a one of a kind watch face available in rose gold or silver, Daniel Wellington watches have a classic, timeless design. The watches are all named after different cities in the United Kingdom and are heavily influenced by classic British style. ($250)



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G-Shock watches are perfect for the adventurous type.

Molly Flannery
The G-Shock watch has been the iconic tough watch to own for over 25 years. Casio started producing the shock resistant and waterproof watches with athletes’ needs in mind. Before the G-Shock, current watches were broken or destroyed by the violent shocks that come with crashes and falls. G-Shocks were designed specifically to excel in the extreme sports environment. In addition to being shock resistant, the watches have timers, moon calendars, tide information, altimeters, and dive depth. These features enable the watches to be used for a multitude of activities, ranging from surfing to skydiving. G-Shock sponsors various extreme sports athletes including Louie Vito and Viki Gomez. ($80-600)


Sturdy and solid Shinola watches are practical for any day.

Molly Flannery
Detroit-based Shinola is committed to creating classic, functional watches made in America. The newly founded company began producing watches, leather goods, and bicycles in 2011. The company established its businesses with the belief that American made goods are still valuable and of higher quality than imported goods. The watches featureuntraditional colors such as blue, green, and orange on their faces. Shinola values the classic American tradition of craftsmanship that helped this country grow. The company is working to help revitalize the city of Detroit and help the economy recover from the harsh recession.  ($550-$1000)