Ridiculously last-minute halloween costumes for the procrastinator in all of us

Amidst all the other hustling and bustling of high school, how is a student supposed to find time to create a witty and memorable Halloween get-up? Here are a few incredibly last minute costumes that you could pull off in an hour or less and still feel festive


Molly Flannery

The “Dancing Emojis” costume is a perfect last minute get-up.

American Idol Contestant – Wear your normal clothes and you’re halfway there. Find the American Idol logo online, stick it at the top of a page with an arbitrary number, and tape it to your belly. If you’re feeling ambitious, print out a yellow ticket. Bonus points if you hold it up to people and proceed with a speech thanking the judges and most importantly Jesus Christ, finishing up the performance with “I’m going to Hollywood!”


Emojis – The possibilities for Emoji costumes are endless. I advise that you find a buddy and some black leotards. Just stand next to each other all day and kick you left leg out to the side. Complete it with a big black bow on your head. Or, put on a red tee shirt and jeans and instantly become the Walking Man Emoji. Find a friend to wear a blue tee shirt and brown pants while you wear an orange polo and jeans, hold hands, and you’ve completed the emoji of the two men.


Tourist – The only thing truly essential for this is a fanny pack. BUT, if you’re willing to put in a little more effort you should wear some too-short shorts, white socks and sneakers, a camera around your neck, and sunglasses on your head. I’m positive all of that is within your closet, so if you want to put in the smallest amount of effort, this is the costume for you.


Lumberjack – The only foreseeable problem with this get-up is that people may not understand that it is indeed a costume. Throw on your favorite flannel, Timberlands or work boots, jeans or overalls, and a big winter hat. Carry a (fake) axe or log of wood from your backyard if you really want to get into character. If you’re still not satisfied with the believability, I implore you to wear a big fake beard.


Lorde – Anyone who is ever so blessed with big curly brown locks, should enthusiastically pursue this costume. Put on some black or purple lipstick, dark clothes, and dip your fingers in black paint. Tease your locks or put them in milk-maid braids to emulate Lored’s Team music video. I assure people will understand who you are, and if not they’ll just assume you’re goth. That’s within the Halloween spirit, right?


Cactus – Find a green long sleeve shirt and some green sweatpants, cut straws into two(-ish) inch segments, and paste them all over your body. The truly lazy can use a stapler. Complete the look by holding your arms up all day, or by having your friend dress up as a tumbleweed (I have no idea how to go about that, so you’re on your own for that costume creation).