Advanced competitive science department holds open house

The Advanced Competitive Science department featured an open house on Monday, May 12. BSM’s engineering program serves as a large draw for prospective students looking to pursue engineering careers. In the one of a kind program, students work with 3D modeling and other advanced equipment to design and produce robots. Students gain knowledge and skills throughout the program necessary to build a search and rescue robot for their final project. “It’s nice to give people an opportunity to see all of the hard work that we’ve been putting into our robot,” junior ACS student Sam Merriam said.

The open house focused on the achievements and progress made by BSM students this year. “We invite all of the students parents to come in and see what they’re kids have been doing, it’s special for the seniors because it’s a chance to see what they’ve been working on for three years. We also invite people from the different businesses and companies that help us out,” Mr. Timothy Jump, ACS program director, said.