March Madness week


Maddy Rockhold

Junior Tommy Borin dressed his best on the first day of March Madness week, Mismatch day. Students, like Tommy, have dressed to extremities like this throughout the week on many themed days.

Many Benilde St. Margaret’s students will have taken notice of the deranged fashion descending on the student and teacher population. This revolution, however, is merely the product of BSM’s student council members and their plans for a pep-filled week of March Madness.

Based off of the national March Madness of NCAA Basketball, the council members have put together a series of dress-up days this week (March 10-14) for students to participate in. The days went as follows: Monday- Mismatch Day, Tuesday- Flannel Day, Wednesday- Sweatshirt & Sweatpants Day, Thursday- Career Day, Friday- Jersey Day. “It’s a way to get the kids involved and have them look forward to the week,” said Junior Class President Maddy Karlen.

Aside from the fashion changes, a pep rally and a students vs. teachers basketball game will be held at the end of school on Friday. Students featured in the basketball game are freshmen- Carlos McMerty-Brummer and Madison Semler, sophomores Peter Heimbold and Maddie Richter, juniors Margeaux Brink and Matt Yazvec, and seniors Julia Krieger and Harrison Grones. The teachers playing will be Ms. Kirsten Hoogenakker, Ms. Mary Murray, Ms. Nicole Rasmussen, Ms. Anne-Marie Dominguez, Ms. Jean Nightingale, Mr. Jon Porisch, Mr. Jim Picard, Mr. Michael Becker, Mr. Joel Loecken, and Mr. Joe Moravec. “This year, the teachers and I are planning on playing with both arms tied behind our backs and blindfolded, just to give the students a chance,” said Science teacher Mr. Jon Porisch.