Cliché and not particularly good, “Endless Love” is entertaining

The films excessive cheesiness is what makes it fun to watch.

"Endless Love" press image

The film’s excessive cheesiness is what makes it fun to watch.

Packing in every cliche imaginable, “Endless Love” remains to be yet another romance movie outlining the romance between a good girl and a bad boy. “Endless Love” does not attempt to make itself unique as the characters remain to be stereotypical, as well as the plot.

Meet Jade Butterfield (Gabriella Wilde), an eighteen year old girl who has never experienced a social life since her older brother died from cancer her sophomore year, thus begins the endless line of cliches. After high school graduation Jade and her family celebrate at a local country club where Jade meets fellow classmate and club valet, David Elliot, played by Alex Pettyfer of “Magic Mike” and “I am Number Four.”

As it turns out, David has always had a crush on Jade and takes this chance meeting as an opportunity to try his luck with the supposed girl of his dreams. After a somewhat-predictable joy ride in a members car, it has become obvious that Jade has fallen for David, and David for Jade. It has also become obvious that Jade’s father, played by Bruce Greenwood, does not like David’s influence on his innocent daughter.

The tagline for “Endless Love” is “Say Goodbye to Innocence,” and within the first twenty or so minutes of the film, Jade does. This quick progression of events leaves audiences wondering what more could possibly happen to make this film interesting? Not so surprisingly, viewers questions are quickly answered as the conflict between Jade’s father and David begins to play out. “Endless Love” makes it clear early in the film that the movie is not so much about whether David and Jade love each other, but rather, will Jade’s father break apart this passionate teenage romance.

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The rest of the movie is one cliche after the other, including everything from cheesy declarations of love, to a makeout scene accompanied by fireworks. If this movie was a burrito filled with cliches, it would nearly split apart there are so many. Though without these cheesy moments “Endless Love” wouldn’t be as enjoying to watch as it is. The funny parts of this film are only amplified as the dialogue between characters becomes more and more artificial. “Endless Love” is yet another romantic drama aimed at a teenage audience, and despite its attempts to be creative, remains to be just another good girl meets bad boy cliche.

When it comes to the cast, there’s not much Universal Studios could have done better; it’s not Pettyfer and Wilde’s fault the dialogue is so lacking, after all. Pettyfer plays David as a character who embodies hope, while Wilde exhibits talented potential for future roles. Despite the overly dramatic storyline, both Pettyfer and Wilde work with what they’ve been given.

“Endless Love” is as cliche as it’s title, but despite the unimaginative storyline and script, it remains to be an amusing watch. Though the film doesn’t attempt to stray far from the usual teen romance, the absurdity of each plot development makes it almost funny.