Staff Editorial: New leadership should value student voices

As this community prepares to welcome new leadership, there are certain qualities in that leader that students should value. In a new president, we must search for open-mindedness, respect of tradition, and one who values feedback. It is through these that a new president will be successful in the eyes of the community and, more importantly, in the eyes of the students.

Students here value their freedom of expression, especially in intellectual discussion, and a president who supports this is essential to the discussionary atmosphere of the classrooms in this building. While our Catholic identity is certainly to be upheld and emphasized, students truly benefit from the “question everything” attitude, as opposed to a forceful indoctrination.

The classroom’s acceptance of non-Catholic perspectives fuels a more enlightening and intellectual environment, one that is certainly more beneficial to students. Encouraging students to value and participate in open discussion is crucial to a new leader’s plans, because it is highly appreciated by students

Part of this freedom to express different beliefs is the Knight Errant. We value our ability to discuss controversial ideas as the official school newspaper. As a student body, we don’t always agree, and the Knight Errant reflects this as a voice for the students.

Using the medium of a school publication to express the intellectual discussion going on in classrooms is an appreciated part of student culture. It is this freedom to dissent, freedom to discuss, that makes the school itself special.

Another important characteristic to maintain is BSM’s stance on student integrity. As current president Dr. Bob Tift always reminds students, you represent this school out in the world. Student integrity in academics and the outside world has developed well while Dr. Tift has overseen; a new leader should value this foundation and work to continue it. After all, students are the priority.

Our new leader should also value school traditions and current policies. It would be upsetting to many if the new president were to enter abruptly and change policies. For example, students and faculty appreciate a lack of uniform, and fear that a new president will quickly require them.

Instead, a leader who places feedback in high regard is both important to students and better for the school as a whole. This responsive atmosphere will certainly allow for a more agreeable community.

The affordability of BSM is also valued by students and parents. As Dr. Tift has worked so tirelessly to maintain, the affordability of BSM influences a more diverse classroom and a more wholesome community. Our affordability makes us different from schools such a Providence or Blake. A new leader must take careful consideration to follow this model.

This school will undoubtedly go through changes with a new leader, but by listening closely to members of the community and maintaining student discussion, BSM will grow and develop under a new president.