Teacher Flashbacks

It’s hard to imagine that the individuals teaching everyday in class were once sitting in the desks, being taught, but it’s true… They were! The Knight Errant takes you back to when BSM’s teachers were students.

All in front of an unobservant science teacher, Mr. John Sabol’s 9th grade buddy started a five-foot high fire in the middle of a Physical Science class. The friend then fanned the flame with a fire blanket in hopes of extinguishing it, but ended up caking the entire room in a layer of antique fire extinguisher smoke instead. “By the time he got out the fire extinguisher, I was on the ground crying. I remember the next class we were in he came in late and received a slow clap by the entire room,” Sabol said. The unfortuitous friend received an in-school suspension and lost his “safety points” for the day.