BSM lunchroom prepares to implement new recycling program

Implementation of a fourth category of disposal at lunch is being considered in the Benilde-St. Margaret’s Commons. This new grouping of throwaways entails the recycling of previous garbage products including potato chip bags and candy wrappers. The system, founded by eco-friendly company TerraCycle, was suggested to chemistry teacher Mr. Mark Lex by freshman James Libbey.

It’s just one more piece of the puzzle to reduce our waste.

— Mr. Mark Lex

“The middle school I went to started doing terracycle last year, and I happened to have one of the teachers running it for one of my classes. I heard a lot about it and got involved,” Libbey said.

The plan is to get the environmental club to put cardboard boxes in the cafeteria for students to throw away the appropriate disposables. The recyclables will then be sent to TerraCycle in return for a small compensation. There they will be sorted, re-processed and manufactured into innovative materials and products available online and through major retailers. BSM plans to use the money from TerraCycle to fund the environmental club or donate to an organization that helps the environment.

The BSM administration and the school as a whole wish to further the eco-friendly cause through the new implementation of recycling these previously non recyclables. “It’s just one more piece of the puzzle to reduce our waste,” Lex said. The collaboration between BSM students and TerraCycle hopefully will prove to be another successful step in the school becoming environmentally friendly.