Engineering department hires new teacher


Keenan Schember

Before coming to BSM, Hoogenakker taught Chemistry at Cretin-Derham Hall High School.

After previous engineering teacher Mr. Jon Hickman left the school, many questions arose about who would replace him. These questions were answered after Christmas Break on Wednesday, January 9, 2014 when students were introduced to their new engineering teacher, Ms. Kirsten Hoogenakker.

While she is currently pursuing her Master’s in Education at St. Thomas, Ms. Hoogenakker has previous teaching experience. “I taught English for 6 months in South Korea and just finished a long-term sub contract at Cretin-Derham Hall over the last semester,” Ms. Hoogenakker said.

Beginning a new job brings on new excitement, and Ms. Hoogenakker looks forward to teaching in the BSM community. “As an advocate for experiential learning, I am overjoyed to be in a program operating under non-traditional guidelines, which allow students to struggle through material and, ultimately, gain life-long problem-solving skills,” Ms. Hoogenakker said.

Before teaching, Ms. Hoogenakker worked in other occupational fields. “I worked in 3 research and development facilities working on HIV related proteins, alternatives for animal testing, and testing water filters for commercial and residential use,” Ms. Hoogenakker said.

“I am looking forward to an anthropological adventure in Knight culture, and eventual acceptance into the Benilde-St. Margaret community,” Ms. Hoogenakker said.