An array of new clubs fill the activity list

Whether BSM students are interested in hunting, medicine, or even dark magic, there are plenty of activities to join with handfuls of new clubs starting each year. Five new clubs have already been added to BSM’s growing list of 51 clubs this year, giving students even more opportunities to become involved.


Taylor Blad

Junior Will Duda, talks to the Medical Club about future activities. Duda, the founder of the club, hopes that its meetings will help students to explore medical careers.

Magic Club
One of the new clubs introduced this year was created by juniors Eddie McHugh and Mark Ahern. It is one of the most exciting and innovative clubs to hit BSM: Magic Club. Meeting one to two times a month in Ms. McDonald’s room to share any recently learned magic tricks, the Magic Club mostly does tricks with cards, but they hope to be levitating and using dark magic before the end of the semester. When asked about how many members have joined, Ahern had no comment. “That’s the thing with magic. You’ve got to know it’s still here, all around us, or it just stays invisible for you,” Ahern said.

Medical Club
Another club that has been formed is the Medical Club. Founded by junior Will Duda, this club gives students a better understanding of the medical field. This knowledge and skill set is gained through experiments, professional speakers, and real life applications like job shadows or volunteering at hospitals. On Monday, December 9, Dr. Lisa Hollensteiner from Fairview Southdale Hospital emergency room came to BSM to talk to the Medical Club about her experiences working in the health field and stories from the ER. “My hopes for the club are that it advances people’s knowledge about the medical field. I want the members and myself to be able to learn about what it takes to make it in a medical field,” said Duda.

Trap Shooting Team
With a growing interest in hunting at BSM, a trap shooting club has also been developed this year. Developed by juniors Adam Grazzini, Christian Bray and Austin Bray, this team will meet once a week in the spring time at the Minnetonka Sportsman Club. The thirty-some members of the team will compete against various teams by playing the game of trap shooting clay targets thrown by a spring trap. “We hope to just get people out there and comfortable with firearms; that’s the most important part of this year, and next year I hope that we can win our section,” said Grazzini.

Writing Club
Started by sophomore Kayla McMenamy, the writing club is another addition to BSM. Meeting once a week in Ms. Overbo’s room, this club offers students an opportunity to start or work on any writing that they need to get done. It gives students a place where peers can read, critique, and make suggestions about how they can improve their writing. “Although it’d be nice to see people there every week, it’s not a big deal to miss a couple meetings. They can come whenever they have time to. I hope that people are able to start something big with writing,” McMenamy said.

Photography Club
Developed to help expose upcoming photographers, the Photography Club, started by junior Payton Turner, is open to any and all students who are interested in this form of art. It is available to join at any time throughout the year and will meet one to two times a month. “Each month we will meet to discuss the topic of the month (for example selfie/creative self portraits, abstract, unusual point of view, pets and animals, lines, patterns, one shot two ways, silhouette, etc..) and then at the end of the month we will choose a wall in the school to hang up all the pictures,” Turner said.