“Happy Holidays” disregards rights to religious freedom

I’ve been brought up in a Catholic household and in Catholic schools my whole life, including BSM. Like the 72% of students at BSM who are Catholic and also go to this Catholic school, in addition to those who practice other Christian religions, we’re going to wish our neighbor a “Merry Christmas” this time of year.

However, in this 21st-century America, we have secularists throwing a veil over the phrase “Merry Christmas” since it lacks their political correctness.

Sure, it might just be only two words, but saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” doesn’t carry the same religious sentiment that “Merry Christmas” does. The term “Merry Christmas” is meant to be used as wishing those around you cheer and joy while we prepare ourselves for the birth of Jesus Christ-the more generic “Happy Holidays” doesn’t quite cut it.

Of the 228,182,000 adults in this country, 173,402,000 are of Christian faith. That means America is a Christian-majority nation, and because 3 in 4 American adults celebrate Christmas, we’re going to assume that the fellow man we say “Merry Christmas” to is of Christian faith. Now, Hanukkah does occur around the time Christmas does, but like Christmas, saying “Happy Holidays” adversely affects Jews as much as it affects Christians, since the phrase takes away that religious reference, too. In addition to that, what other holiday occurs during the 20 days in between Hanukkah and Christmas?

The media is caving into the secularists’ roar of suing every school in their sight as well, by replacing “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays” in their adverts so as not to “offend” any of their consumers. For crying out loud, this Chevrolet ad features a certain employee Nick, who resembles Santa Claus, saying “happy holidays’ instead of “merry Christmas”. Santa Claus is an icon of Christmas, and he’s not wishing others a “merry Christmas”, the holiday he’s known for!

Fox News

Though folks are simply exercising their constitutional first amendment right to peacefully practice their religion, the secularists claim saying “Merry Chirstmas” is bad for America since religious references exclude a small minority of people from society. Come on. That’s why the first amendment was created by the founding fathers, so all people and organizations could privately and publically use phrases like “Happy Hanukkah” and “Merry Christmas” and not be attacked by others for it.

Finally, the question I have is this: Why do the secularists have a burning need to intervene in religious affairs? Why can’t they just leave Christmas alone? According to the Secular Coalition of America’s mission statement, everyone is entitled to freedom of conscience and to practice religion — a solid upholding of the first amendment, yet similar left-wing organizations such as Humanists of Minnesota have a mission hypocritical to the SCA’s, which is to go around and “educate the public” on the goodness of humanism. That’s not promoting freedom of conscience; it’s infiltration of conscience if someone’s actively educating someone else instead of standing for an idea, and it certainly doesn’t help the freedom of religion cause.

No person should be sued or attacked for lawfully practicing their constitutional rights in this great nation. Depending on what your views are, have a happy Hanukkah, a happy winter solstice, or a merry Christmas.