Musically passionate junior pursues singing career


Emily Larson

Diaferio works with a vocal coach in order to improve her musical maturity.

Driven by an unceasing passion for singing, junior Alix Diaferio recently caught the attention of many BSM students with vocal recordings released on a SoundCloud page. While BSM is often known for great athletic programs and state titles, Alix Diaferio joins other student artists in exhibiting their lesser publicized talents.

Having spent her entire life singing, Diaferio expresses her feelings through music. She developed her voice by practicing daily in the shower and working with a vocal coach to develop necessary skills and vocal maturity.  “As long as I can remember, I’ve been singing. I used to make my family sit around in the living room at family gatherings, so I could nervously perform for them,” Diaferio said.

Diaferio recorded the songs on her Soundcloud last November. Diaferio and her SoundCloud page attracted listeners as it was shared on Facebook and Twitter, where it received a largely positive response.  “After listening to her voice, I was amazed with her singing abilities and felt very emotional afterwards,” junior Jay Patnode said.

Alix Diaferio

In addition to her own music pursuit, Diaferio has worked with other student musicians at BSM.  “I love that some of my peers are into music. It’s so fun to work with other artists. When I worked with Dirk [Gigerich], I was exposed to rap, which I had never done anything with before,”  Diaferio said.

Diaferio is currently pursuing her own identity as an artist by writing her own music and exploring different genres. In the near future, she hopes to perform live for her fans. “I’m nervous to put out my own music out because I put so much of myself in every song and use music to tell my story and experiences so I feel pretty vulnerable when people hear them because now they know specific things about my life,” Diaferio said.

The quality of Diaferio’s voice leaves her audience wanting more, and the junior hopes to get enough songs of her own to be able to record her own CD soon.  “It’s pretty cool that people are noticing my stuff and like it. I’m happy that my hard work is being recognized and I hope people will listen when it’s my own music or come support me at my performances. I’m so grateful that I can share this part of my life with people,” Diaferio said.