Students pick up the phone to raise money


Parker Breza

In order to be a part of the annual fund calling, student had to volunteer.

For a school to balance tuition affordability, great resources, and faculty and staff accessibility is no easy task. Unfortunately, BSM is no stranger to this reality, but one way which the school works to keep tuition affordable is through an initiative known as the Annual Fund.

Headed by the Director of Development Mr. Ted Freese, the Annual Fund team is comprised of students who make it their goal to raise money for the gap left between cost and revenue. “The Annual Fund provides unrestricted philanthropic support to the school on a yearly basis,” Mr. Freese said.

This initiative provides an invaluable service to the school and BSM community. “This includes things such as tuition assistance for families in need, training for teachers, technology improvements, new curriculum and teaching ideas,” Mr. Freese said.

In order to bridge this gap, the Annual Fund relies on generous donations from a variety of sources. “We ask that all families at BSM support the Annual Fund, but we also reach out to alumni, past parents, grandparents, and friends for support as well,” Mr. Freese said.

Students play a key role by calling these constituents to inform them about the cause. “In the past, volunteer callers (mainly parents) would make calls to fellow parents, asking them to support the Annual Fund. Last year, I decided to do something different and hire students to make these calls. I have found that parents, alumni and grandparents really enjoy hearing from current students,” Mr. Freese said.

This new arrangement requires the diligent aid of students to function. “As opposed to volunteers, this is a job and the callers are responsible for making the calling nights and being professional. Given the busy schedules of students, this has been a big commitment on their part,” said Mr. Freese.

Each year the Annual Fund sets a fundraising goal that is hopeful in nature. Last year, thanks to the calling by two juniors and three seniors, the fund was able to meet their goal of $900,000. Functioning on a fiscal year as opposed to a calendar year, the annual fund has set a lofty goal for this coming year. “The goal of the Annual Fund this year is $950,000,” said Mr. Freese.

Despite the hopeful target, the Annual Fund team is optimistic about meeting the goal set forth for this fiscal year. “It’s really up to the community of BSM though, the goal was met last year––we were very fortunate. I really do think we can achieve the goal [this year],” said senior Matt Adamson.