Bowling captain hopes to lead the team toward success


Grace Coughlin

During his career at BSM, Kelly has bowled a perfect game of 300.

Entering his fourth and final year on the bowling team at Benilde-St. Margaret’s, senior captain Ryan Kelly believes that this year’s squad has the potential for greatness. Equipped with a few new players, the squad has gotten off to a fast start and will look to Kelly to carry the lead the way down the stretch.

Coming back from last season after finishing second overall in the roll offs, the 2013 Red Knights look better than ever. Averaging a score of 169 thus far, the team has looked impressive to say the least. Despite this, Kelly knows that the team has a lot of improving to do in order to make a run at the state championship. “The team needs a lot of work before there is even a chance of a state run. We need to work on our consistency in our sharp shooting in our newer bowlers on the Varsity team, and a higher rate of strikes for the stronger bowlers,” Kelly said. 

Apart from being one of the top bowlers on the team, Kelly’s values reach beyond the lanes. “For the past four years, I have brought my knowledge of the sport to the team. However, the actual team building came in my junior year in which I helped get a few of my friends equipment,” Kelly said.

Bowling takes a great deal of mental preparation and focus, which hasn’t been an issue for the 2013 Red Knights. The routine begins as soon as the school day ends with a team prayer led by Chaplin Mr. Mike Jeremiah, which is followed by a trip to Holiday to stock up on drinks and snacks. Finally, the team participates in a game of Apples to Apples before hitting Texa Tonka Lanes for the match. “Preparation is very important, because if you are not mentally prepared (or physically prepared) you will miss. Focus is the same way. One needs to be completely focused on the task at hand,” Kelly said.

While Kelly has experienced a lot success over the years, the senior captain’s favorite part of Red Knight bowling has been the time he has spent getting to know and hanging out with his teammates. “My favorite part is the quality time spent with my friends, whether at practices, or at matches and everything in between,” Kelly said.