Part two of Timberlake’s album artfully returns to his roots

Part two of the 20-20 Experience combines elements from part one with Timberlakes earlier work.

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Part two of the “20-20 Experience” combines elements from part one with Timberlake’s earlier work.

A sold-out international tour with rapper Jay-Z, the release of a monumental album, a legendary VMA performance, and closing the iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas are only a few of the countless achievements Justin Timberlake has accomplished in 2013. Not many musicians would release a second album only six months after the effective release of a previous album, but Timberlake’s mystical and breathtaking blend of music genres is nearly impossible to steer clear from. The soulful artist’s fourth studio album is sure to have listeners hooked and craving his powerful tone.

Timberlake teams up with methodical producer Timbaland and producer Jerome “J-Roc” Harmon to construct one of the most remarkable and diverse albums of the year. He released his highly anticipated second insert of his two-part album, “The 20/20 Experience,” on September 30th, building on an exceptional record-breaking year for the thirty-two year old vocalist.

The diversity of his fourth studio album holds a passionate and unique tone. The Memphis soul and country tone of “Drink You Away” will leave audiences swaying left and right no matter their music preference. Timberlake and Jay-Z collaborate for yet another smash single with “Murder,” a lighthearted song, sure to nudge its way into listeners’ memories.


Over half of the album brings back the flavorful beatbox-like melodies Timberlake fans have grown to love from his previous studio albums. The chart-topping singles, “TKO” and “Cabaret,” provide the listener with a blast from the past. Songs like “Rock Your Body” and “Sexyback” come to mind. The lengthy anthem, “Only When I Walk Away,” has a catchy tune likely to be heard in a preview or commercial.

Timberlake has suspended himself high up in the music business with this studio album. His singing of animalistic desire and lurid fantasies creates an instinctive listening experience and is unique to his style and tempo of music. No music fan could go wrong purchasing and listening to the entire album, as there is no one song that stands out; they all do.

The album has the same, if not more, of a lovable tone than Timberlake’s previous studio albums. No matter the genre of music a person likes, any music lover will quickly grow attached to the sensational melodies on this album. Music listeners worldwide will be singing Timberlake’s music unconsciously, after hearing his alluring and exclusive timbre.