Variety of trips scheduled for the 2013/2014 school year spring break


Megan Beh

Registration is beginning for students interested in one of the many 2013/2014 school year spring break trips.

Hannah Scherer, Staff Writer

Despite a successful pair of spring break trips to Rome and Walt Disney World this past year, BSM is gearing itself up for four spring trips to take place during the 2013/2014 school year. The Disney World trip, sponsored by the engineering department, will be making a reprise, as well as trips to France, Spain, and Italy sponsored again by the language department.

Although the theology department held a trip to Rome and the Vatican City earlier this year, Mr. Epler believed that students would still enjoy a trip to Italy that encompassed more than one city. The tour, “Italy in Depth,” takes students all over the European country, starting in Venice and ending up in Rome on the tenth day. Specific endeavors include a cooking class in Florence, an in depth tour of the Vatican city, and a class on how to dance the Tarantella in Pompeii. “There’s a tremendous amount of European history and church history, which is important to us as a Catholic community. I want [my students] to get a better understanding of the terrain, which plays a large role in the culture of Italy. It’s easier to understand when you can actually see it,” Latin teacher Mr. Rob Epler said.

The engineering trip to Disney World over this past spring break drew ten students, but ACS teacher Mr. Jon Hickman hopes next year’s trip will catch the eye of many more. Along with having a good time park hopping, students will be exploring examples of different concepts that Disney imagineers use to guarantee a good time for the park visitors. “The world as a whole presents a better classroom than most classrooms. The goal is to expand the idea that engineering as a tool is not just about imagining or drawing or building. It’s really to see the highest level of engineering design,” Mr. Hickman said.

On the French and Spanish trips, students won’t just be staying in a hotel and seeing the local sights, they will be living with a family for several days, getting the full immersion experience. “Family stay is the highlight for students. It’s a unique opportunity to form an intense bond with a French family. Students can go to school with their host and experience a rare opportunity to see how a French family operates,” French teacher and trip chaperone Madame Amy Jo Hyde said.

There is no question about the importance of these trips and how much they impact students’ lives. “The younger you start stretching your horizons, the more willing you become to experience travel in the future. Traveling makes you more tolerant of people who speak other languages than you, you become more informed about the world, and you can learn to bend with the itinerary and be flexible with life,” Mr. Epler said.