Seniors appear on panel for parents

Christine Silikowski, Staff Writer

This past week, 14 students gathered in the library conference room in front of 50-60 parents to talk about student life at Benilde-St. Margaret’s. “The panel is an attempt to break through any denial parents might have about what life is really like during high school. The seniors talk about dating, boy/girlfriends, weekends, college applications, stress, balancing work and play, communicating with parents,” School Psychologist, Dr. Steve Kahn said. One of the seniors involved, Emily Egge, knew about this panel ever since she was a freshman and has always wanted to be involved in it. “I live for things like this panel and talking about my experience at BSM and how I’ve learned to deal with the stresses and pressures,” Egge said. Kahn plans to continue the panel next year. “I think the variety of seniors provided a well-rounded response to all the questions,” Egge said.