NHS hosts second successful blood drive of the year

Adam Bilski, Staff Writer

National Honors Society hosted their second blood drive of the year on March 20, and students who signed up had the opportunity to save the lives of up to three people by donating their blood. As long as students meet the given weight and height requirements, they are welcomed to donate their blood, but volunteers under the age of 17 must have parental consent to donate. Senior chairs Paige Aanestad, Luke Musech and Elle Scott, and junior chairs Callaghan Commers, Michelle Sauer and Kasi Petersen hope to set a new record of amount of blood. “Pretty much all of the slots are full this year. We want to set a new record,” Aanestad said.

Students checked in and learned a little bit more about what they are donating too and the process of giving blood. “When you do a regular blood donation you burn 650 calories in 5 minutes and you lose a pound of weight. If you don’t eat well or not hydrated you might feel light headed,” customer service department of transportation Don Landin said.