Reorganized class registration takes place for underclassmen

Jacqueline Bieter, Staff Writer

Beginning March 5, Benilde-St. Margaret’s starts class registration for next year by informing students of the possible class options and procedure. The counselors and teachers of BSM will be talking in depth to the students about next year’s classes giving guidance and direction for what will apply to student’s interests and learning capabilities. BSM has a wide range of classes open for enrollment allowing most students to find something appealing to them.

This year’s approach to registration is very similar to last years approach. BSM has organized a format to get out the class information to students. “Starting tomorrow, we talk to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors about the classes for 2013-2014. We give them a book complete with all the class selections and a copy of the registration form they will then turn in to us a week later,” BSM student counselor Mr. Fran Roby said.

Counselors and teachers are both open to giving suggestions for classes to take if students need it. Also, staff recommends students make sure they are making the right decision now, instead of changing it next year. “During that one week of decision making and planning, we suggest students talk over the class booklet with their parents who can help advise their children with their class schedule,” said Mr. Roby.

One difference in the registration set up this year is that next week for turning in registration forms BSM is splitting the classes up into different days. Juniors will turn in their finished forms on the Tuesday the 12th, Sophomores will turn theirs in on the 13th, and freshmen will turn their slips in on the 14th. Last year, registration forms were turned in during Wellness periods, which turned out to be stressful. Instead, they are hoping this system will be less chaotic. “We wanted it to be a little more controlled this year so students knew exactly what the information for their classes were and that they are satisfied with their decisions,” BSM student counselor Dr. Jeff Steffenson said. Students will meet in the library on their specific day, sign into PowerSchool, and select their classes online.

BSM also added new classes to many departments in the school for next year. One examples of this is the English class Immigrant Literature, whose curriculum consists of stories and voices of immigrants from Minnesota and around the world. Also, BSM is adding Chinese to the World Language department along with the other three languages the school already offers. For Math, BSM has made a Advanced Algebra and Precalculus Blended Online class. “This means that students will be in class some days and some days you won’t be in class. The math class will be a little more independent for those students looking for that in their math class,” Mr. Roby said.

Many students who have heard about the new class options have been excited about the possibility to study something unique and different. “I am really excited to see class options grow at our school especially in the Art Department because I’m really interest in art,” freshman Bailey Adams said.

Along with the eagerness for new options, students also see the positive image supporting our school. “I think it is really impressive our school is expanding electives and classes because this allows for our school to grow and prosper developing student’s for the future,” junior Katie Burns said.