Table Tennis takes fourth at State tournament

Adam Bilski, Staff Writer

After a long season with tough competitions and fun practices, Table Tennis took fourth place at the State tournament last weekend. Many teams competed in singles and doubles matches throughout the tournament.

Senior Tara Fan competed in the boys division throughout the season even though she could have competed with the girls. “The top 10 players compete at State and this year I was number 9 and I had been playing with the boys all season. I loved it so I decided to stay with them during state rather than switching over to the girls,” Fan said.

The boys and Fan faced many difficult teams throughout the tournament, but that made the result of fourth place even more rewarding. “State with the boys was really fun because there were so many more teams and there is a much greater sense of relying on your teammates to win and cheering each other on,” Fan said.

Throughout the season, the team competed against great talent, but they were challenged the most at the State tournament. “The best team that we beat that I was there for was probably St. Paul Harding at State,” Fan said.

Coming in with a lot of potential this season was the heavily manned team Eagan. “They were last years State champs, but our powerhouse of a team dismantled them this time around,” senior Jimmy Borin said.

The team looks extremely promising to continue their presence at the State tournament in the future. “We have a lot of talent coming up to for next year. Macartan Commers, the freshman, is definitely one to watch,” Borin said. Fan agrees about the great potential talent for upcoming years. “Macartan Commers and Connor Day are freshman and sophomores that came to state this year and they are both really good and are just gonna keep getting better,” Fan said.