Valedictorians and salutatorians announced


Megan Beh

Dr. Sue Skinner held a meeting with some of this year’s valedictorians to talk about changes that will have to occur for the graduation ceremony.

Giulia Imholte, Online Editor-in-Chief

The class of 2013 has proven once again to be one for the record books. Alongside stellar athletes, 12 individuals have emerged as stellar students. On January 31 and February 1 the valedictorians and salutatorians of this year’s senior class were notified, respectively, of their achievement.

In years past, BSM has sometimes had up to six valedictorians, like they do this year. However, never have there been six salutatorians as well. This year’s valedictorians are Anne Arnason, Catherine Cole, Liza Magill, Amanda Semler, Katie Sisk and Elizabeth Vertina. The salutatorians are Rachel Binish, Maddie Carras, Tara Fan, Mikey Koller, Daniel Letscher and Elle Scott.

“We’re talking 4.0 versus 3.99. The valedictorians have all straight A’s and the salutatorians have one A minus,” said senior high principal Dr. Sue Skinner, who notified the students.

However, the large number of students being recognized for their top grade point averages means there will be some adjustments made to the graduation ceremony. In the past, valedictorians have given speeches, and salutatorians have helped with prayer.

“We don’t want six speeches. So, I asked the girls to discuss amongst themselves to figure out if one of them could do the greeting, or do a prayer with Mr. J. I asked them to figure out how to get involved in the ceremony without having to do six speeches,” Dr. Skinner said. “The salutatorians will be recognized, but they won’t have a microphone part.”