BSM’s one-act qualifies for section tournament

Michelle Sauer, Staff Writer

Last night the cast of the BSM one-act play entitled “Women and War” came in second place during subsections at Eden Prairie High School. The play features letters between three soldiers and their female partners during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Interspersed are monologues from men and women correlated with these and other hostilities.

“We gave it our all and it was our best show so far and we were all in agreement that even if we didn’t continue, we did win, in our own way. I can’t wait to keep going,” freshman Sabrina Ehrmantraut said.

From subsections the top three schools, Minnetonka, Benilde and Edina, will advance to sections on February 2, where only one school can proceed to the state tournament. The competition is fierce, but the play’s director, English teacher Mrs. Maura Brew, says that there is almost nothing to improve upon. “The performances were all absolutely outstanding. The judges all complimented the performances, they commented on the diction, they commented on the volume,” Mrs. Brew said.

The one-act play has proven to be a wonderful experience for a those who are involved. “It’s so fun every time we perform. I’m looking forward to spending even more time with the cast I’ve become so close with as we continue on the adventure,” Ehrmantrout said.

“This is a great experience for these students. It exposes them to really clever, creative drama, and it gives them a chance to show their extraordinary talent,” Mrs. Brew said.