Students plan to attend Roe v. Wade reenactment

Mary Pat Ross, Staff Writer

Members of the Students For Human Life club are hoping to further their knowledge on the legal components of abortion on a January 31 field trip to watch a Roe v. Wade trial reenactment at the University of St. Thomas.

Club advisors believe the trip will offer a way for students to become more informed about the issue of abortion. They also hope the event will increase students ability to express their beliefs about abortion in an effective way. “The purpose is to teach kids the legality of the Roe v. Wade decision. Our kids tend to have opinions and passion that are largely based on theological principles. Don’t get me wrong, the kids in Students For Human Life know what they are talking about, but this will help them understand the legal reasoning behind the court decision. It will provide valuable insight for students on either side of the abortion debate,” said club advisor, Mr. Zach Zeckser.

The opportunity to attend this event is not limited to students in the club. In fact, Mr. Zeckser will still allow any students that are interested to come. “You do not need to be in the club to go, anyone is welcome. We encourage everyone who is interested to come,” club Commissioner Abby Rosengren said.

Since it is a formal field trip, parent permission is required, however, Mr. Zeckser extended the deadline for sign up for those students interested in attending. “Ordinarily, I would not allow students to sign up so late, but due to the timing in relation to new second semester schedules, I am allowing kids this week to still sign up. They can receive forms from me or from the S4HL board outside of room 148 and 149,” Mr. Zeckser said.

“I’m looking forward to [the field trip]. The kids will understand the foundation of the Roe v. Wade decision. They will be much better equipped to discuss abortion at a legal and constitutional level,” Mr. Zeckser said.