Cheers create fun game atmosphere for all

Rachel Zierden, Staff Writer

Even people who don’t like sports enjoy going to BSM sports games, not to be spectators, but to be fans. The student section for BSM has recently been adding new and interesting cheers to chant at the games, and despite what some people think, students do not go too far with these chants at sports games.

People go to sporting events to cheer on their team. No one should attend a sporting event without expecting to get insulted at some point; it’s the point of competitive sports. If you air-ball a shot or trip over the ball, expect to get yelled at. If you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

If anything, people should see these fans as true supporters of the school. All cheers, whether they include the typical “Red Knights, Red Knights” or more personal attacks against the other team’s cheers, show school spirit and pride. If anything, such chants defend BSM from the other school’s obnoxious cheers. The other schools say meaner chants at us all the time: why shouldn’t BSM be able to chant back? People should remember that it’s just a game, and it won’t matter in a few hours.

Fans make sports games more entertaining. If the school limits the fans’ cheers, students will stop going and sports will have fewer students attend. The cheers definitely make the game more fun, and they don’t go too far.

Over-sensitivity may inspire some to whine about “hurt feelings,” but those individuals need to understand that cheering, “offensive” or not, is a necessary part of the game.