Long-time librarian to retire at end of semester


Michelle Sauer

Librarian Ms. Lynn Bottge, who has been at BSM for 24 years, will retire at the end of the semester.

Anna McCloskey, Staff Writer

“One score and four years ago, Dan Walker hired me,” said Ms. Lynn Bottge, the longtime librarian of Benilde-St. Margaret’s. Since 1989, the library has been home to Ms. Bottge, a dedicated and hardworking lover of books. In those 24 years, Ms. Bottge has served the school and its students with care and devotion that will be sorely missed when she retires at the end of the semester.

Upon starting in the fall of 1989, Ms. Bottge worked in the old library, which is located where the chapel currently exists, maintaining a library of over 15,000 volumes. She kept the library organized and operating, though her favorite task has always been assisting students with research. “I would have liked to do more…I always liked doing research with the kids,” Ms. Bottge said.

Ms. Bottge has also helped to usher BSM into the technological age, from witnessing the arrival of the first computer to the one to one laptop program. “[The first computer] was in the library. It was huge. Absolutely huge. We got an Apple and an IBM,” Ms. Bottge said.

Later on, when BSM had acquired nine computers, Ms. Bottge served in the then-two person technology department with Mr. Krieger. “We’ve been buddies all the time…however many years that’s been,” said Ms. Bottge.

In more recent years, Ms. Bottge’s role has changed, especially when the Moore Library became book-free. She now coordinates database subscriptions and usage, in addition to her assistance with BSM Hour attendance. “The last few years have been the best…I have [my student friends],” Ms. Bottge said.

Before coming to BSM, Ms. Bottge, whose mother was also a librarian, always worked with books. In her career, she has been a book buyer, regional manager of a bookstore, and seller. “[My favorite book] of all time? ‘Johnny Got his Gun,’” Ms. Bottge said. After her retirement from BSM, Ms. Bottge hopes to work part-time at Costco and Barnes & Noble, keeping her career in books alive.

As Ms. Bottge leaves BSM, many students will miss her company in the coming semester. “I’m going to miss her. She’s not like your average librarian, although sometimes she may seem like it,” junior Christopher Perpich said.