Knightettes dance to support Breanna’s Gift

Rachel Frenz

Jacqueline Bieter, Staff Writer

On December 8, the Benilde-St. Margarets Knightettes dance team hosted the annual Catholic Jamboree competition for the second time. The Catholic Jamboree is different from the other meets in the season because it is focused more on donating money to an organization than the competition itself. Each team is ranked by judges, but the results are never announced. Instead, there is a raffle or auction; this year BSM was giving away an iPad. Catholic schools Hill Murray, Totino Grace, Saint Cloud Cathedral, and Academy of Holy Angels are the only participants in the event. This year, the Knightettes sponsored Breanna’s Gift, an arts program for children with cancer and other serious illnesses. By using the gift of dance for support, the Catholic Jamboree allows Catholic schools from all over the metro to come together for a positive cause during the holiday season.