Staff Editorial: BSM should prioritize all state tournaments

No matter the sport, qualifying for the state tournament represents the culmination of achievement for any player or team. State allows players to display and receive recognition for their hard work, often times numerous years in the making. Every player who makes it to the state tournament deserves this validation, but unfortunately the BSM administration holds some sports’ state tournaments above others.

While we often get entire school days off to watch the soccer or hockey state tournament games, individual sports such as swimming or wrestling get much less support. Each state tournament competitor in these individual events can only bring two supporters to watch them in this prestigious tournament. Meanwhile, the rest of the school hardly realizes their achievement, despite one or two fleeting announcements proclaiming their success.

These individual competitors deserve more than two supporters at their state tournaments. Individuals work just as hard, if not harder, to make it to this prestigious platform, and anyone who wants to watch and support them should be able to go. At the BSM girls’ swimming state tournament, Blake and Visitation each had an entire section for their school’s fans, while BSM had only a mere few rows of supporters aside the team.

Also, teachers and other staff members who have supported these sports throughout their season aren’t allowed to attend the state tournament. Teachers often want to encourage their students’ passions, but the BSM administration stops them from attending their prime tournament of the year.

It would be ridiculous to expect BSM to cancel school on the day of every state tournament, but the administration should allow any student or faculty member to attend the competition. That’s the least that the school can do if it wants to continue priding itself on its high level of athletic achievement and encouraging school community.