Seniors participate in annual egg project

Devin Lanz and Emma Zamec

Seniors in Christian Vocations, taught by theology teacher Ms. Becca Meagher, were seen toting eggs around school last week as part of the annual egg baby project. “We have eggs that are ‘babies’ and its our responsibility to take care of them,” senior Paige Aanestad said. This project teaches students the difficulties of being a parent; it teaches them responsibility of watching budgets and caring for children. In the class, kids are randomly assigned a job with a certain income, a spouse, and a college degree determining how successful they are. “We have to get signed off from three teachers and our parents when we get home to make sure we have [the egg] in our possession at all times,” said Aanestad. In addition to caring for their eggs, students have to make a budget for food, utilities, and child care, etc., based on their lifestyle. The life lessons learned from this project expose students to the realism of parenthood at this age.